ADDvantage-32 Digital Motor Generator Controls

Cost Effective Updates to M-G Set Controls

  • 1 to 3000 HP
  • DC Motors and Motor Generator Sets
  • 230 to 690 V output voltages
  • NEMA 1 and NEMA 12 enclosures
  • Ethernet, DEVICENET, PROFIBUS, Modbus, and System Bus
  • Startup wizards and application specific firmware
  • AC Synchronous Motor Control
  • Detachable keypad

The ADDvantage-32 Digital Motor Generator controller (DMG) provides modern SCR drive performance to MG sets by replacing outdated field regulators. Adding the ADDVantage-32 Advanced Field Control (AFS) drive allows control of high horsepower motors needing from 50 to 1000 Amps. The AFS can also be used for AC synchronous motor control where it can provide kVAR or power factor regulation.

Control in the Drive

The ADDvantage-32 DMG has all the I/O, communications and control capabilities needed to replace existing M-G control and regulating hardware.  Built on the same hardware and software platform as the ADDvantage-32 DC drives, the DMG incorporates speed, tension, position, current, generator field, and motor field control loops in one package.

  • Update obsolete and failure prone regulators, pots, and jumpers
  • Improve speed regulation to +-0.001%
  • Extend the life of costly M-G power sections

Easy to Use and Maintain

A comprehensive programming and diagnostic interface is available through the drive keypad or using software for Windows® operating systems. Windows software tools including ADDAPT™ deliver:

  • Logic programming 
  •  Strip chart recorder 
  •  Remote diagnostics 
  •  Program transfer from drive to drive

Zero Outage Upgrades

Often an M-G set can be modernized during a regularly scheduled downtime.
Model Title Manual
ADD-32 DMG ADDvantage-32 Digital Motor/Generator Set Controller (DMG) View
ADD-32 AFS Advanced Field Supply Controller (AFS) View
ADD-32 DCP ADDvantage-32 DCP Series Panel Style Drives View
Conflict Minerals Policy Conflict Minerals Policy View
Addapt3v2.0 Help Manual Addapt3v2.0 Help Manual View

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