ADDvantage-32 DC Drives Family

High Performance DC Motor Control

  • 1 to 3000 HP
  • DC Motors and Motor Generator Sets
  • 230 to 690 V output voltages
  • NEMA 1 and NEMA 12 enclosures
  • Ethernet, DEVICENET, PROFIBUS, Modbus, and System Bus
  • Startup wizards and application specific firmware
  • Master-slave drive configurations
  • Detachable keypad

Released in 1990 and still available, the ADDvantage-32 DC drive is the world’s most reliable DC drive family. It delivers high performance motor and motor-generator set control for demanding applications in industries such as metals, paper, and mining. The ADDvantage-32 Drive forms the foundation of the product family. For DC Motor control the family includes the Advanced Control Module (ACM), Advanced Firing Module (AFM), and Digital Drive.


The ADDvantage-32 Plus DC drive is a powerful upgrade of the industry’s longest continuously available drive. It features more communications options, a removable keypad, USB file transfer and is compatible with every ADDvantage-32 drive ever delivered!

For Motor Generator Sets the Digital Motor Generator Set Controller (DMG) and Advanced Field Supply can handle MG sets needing up to 1000 Amps of field current.


Built-in digital and analog I/O, standard communications and software logic blocks allow the ADDvantage drives to coordinate even complex, multi-drive applications. Comprehensive programming and diagnostics tools are available through ADDAPT™ software tools including alarm history and historical drive parameter plots.

Flexibility and Control

The ADDvantage-32 drive family provides system-level intelligence for use in applications that require high availability, reliability and dynamic performance.  Supporting a wide range of horsepower and control options, the platform is flexible enough for single section applications and is feature-packed for multiple motor system use.

Built-in programming and diagnostics tools allow engineers to program and troubleshoot at both the drive and application level.

A Full Featured DC Drive


The ADDvantage-32 Plus includes the I/O, communications and programmability needed for complex control.

Drive I/O


  • 34 Digital 
  • 10 Analog 
  • 2 Pulse Generator



  • RS 485 Serial Linko   
  • Ethernet including MODBUS TCP, Ethernet Global Date (EGD), Ethernet/IP and others   
  • USB data transfer port



  • Full range of standard faults with keypad navigation to which fault occurred
  • 16 Event Fault buffer
  • 8 programmable data capture channels, 8000 samples per channel, PC based playback


A Drop-in Replacement of ADDvantage-32 DC Drives

The ADDvantage-32 Plus is engineered for backward compatibility with every ADD-32 drive built since 1990. It is mechanically interchangeable with the ADDvantage-32 drives with no wiring changes. Plus it brings support for all hardware configurations and application software.

  • Enhanced diagnostics reduce down-time
  • Fast upload/download and easy archiving of calibration data
  • USB flash drive port for transferring data
  • Arc-Flash compliance using door mounted remote keypad display
Model Title Manual
ADD-32 Plus ADDvantage-32Plus DC Drive (696xxx) View
ADDAPT 2000 ADDvantage-32 Application Programming Tools User Manual (SW P/N 682957v11-v12) View
Conflict Minerals Policy Conflict Minerals Policy View
Addapt3v2.0 Help Manual Addapt3v2.0 Help Manual View

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