Locate and Classify Problems in Minutes

When faults occur and systems stop running, every minute means lost productivity. Avtron monitoring and diagnostics tools provide rapid determination of fault location and severity so your team can take corrective action.

Fault Chart

Drive Diagnostics from the Keypad

Every Avtron drive includes a built in Fault FIFO register and signal analyzer. Using the drive keypad, the technicians can configure user faults or signal analysis setting, then interrogate the fault register and signal analyzer to determine the cause of system problems.

ADDapt Software Views Multiple Drives

In addition to configuring drive operation from a remote or local PC, ADDapt software allows you to operate the fault and signal analyzer for multiple drives from a simple windows interface.

Performance View Ties it All Together

Tie it all together with Performance View, an automation diagnostics system that gathers data simultaneously from drives, programmable logic controllers, human-machine-interfaces, and process equipment to quickly determine if problems are operational, mechanical or electrical.

  • All events are time stamped
  • Store hundreds of parameters for up to 1 year
  • Scan rates down to 10ms
  • Tabular and trend display
  • Remote data access

Industry Specific Solutions

Avtron customized industry specific operations and monitoring software packages monitor faults, record event history, and deliver context sensitive documentation engineers need to take prompt corrective action. Historical machine operation tracking and custom productivity monitors help you understand if machine changes, training of personnel or other actions will deliver cost effective improvements.

Industry solutions are available in the following industries:

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