ADDapt 3 Program Suite

ADDvantage-32 Application Programming Tools

The ADDapt 3 software package allows a windows based PC to communicate with all ADD-32 drives on a network. ADDapt 3 simplifies setup and tuning, displays real-time operating screens and fault FIFO information.

Maintenance Editor
Functions of the maintenance editor include downloading and uploading parameters, saving parameter data to a disk file, printing the parameter data to either a printer or file format of your choice (Excel, PDF, Word), comparing the parameters to either defaults or another file and editing parameter data off-line as well as in real-time.

Real-Time Data
The ADDapt 3 program allows real time viewing and editing of user defined data in a tabular format through the use of the Real-Time Data Collection tool. This tool allows access to both the analog and digital tables.

Signal Analyzer
ADD-32 drives contain either a four or eight channel high-speed signal analyzer to help isolate process problems. The analyzer can be configured to record multiple analog or digital variables. Later, the Signal Analyzer Viewer can be used to manipulate and interpret the captured information.

Block Viewer
Block Viewer is a revolutionary way to tune or troubleshoot a drive. It gives a real-time dynamic view of the drive’s control blocks.

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