Crane Diagnostic & Monitoring

Crane Diagnostic & Monitoring

ane Data Historian and online documentation system

A full range of tools to keep your crane operating at peak performance

Monitor Multiple Drives with CraneMate Jr. and Drive View

Both CraneMate Jr. and DriveView provide synchronized and time stamped data storage that allows you to monitor drive activity and motions from one location.

DriveView's workstation platform adds the ability for real time and historical trending and includes a graphic presentation of the drive system with online schematics and manuals to further reduce troubleshooting time.

CraneMate and DriveView Plus extend your vision beyond the drives to include the crane's Programmable Logic Controller.

CraneView Monitors all Vital Subsystems

CraneView allows monitoring and troubleshooting of all vital subsystems of the crane. It graphically allows easy "drill down" navigation from crane down to the component level. Even occasional users can follow faults and alarms into the electrical room, to the panel and finally to the component level. Then context sensitive documentation reduces the time needed to assess the severity of a problem and determine corrective action.

A data historian with real time and historical trending ensures problems are solved the first time and monitoring of lifts and moves per unit time confirm crane productivity.

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