PerformanceView 2.0

Scalable Process Automation Diagnostics System

High-Speed Data Collection
PerformanceView 2.0 collects data from your drives, PLC, operator inputs, and most third party analog or digital inputs. All inputs are time stamped, synchronized and stored in a single database.

PerformanceView 2.0 is your 24/7/365 watchdog. No more setting up recording devices to catch the next event.

Available Drivers 
- Multiple communication protocols supported. 
EGD, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP/IP, CanBUS, Profibus 
- GE Reflective Memory


Standard System
Standard system includes the ability to receive event notification, real time historian, and PLC monitoring. System consists of a WIN 7 OS tower PC platform and (1) remote client license. This can be installed on any customer supplied Windows PC.

- 4TB disk storage in two RAID-1 configurations to provide mirrored automatic backup
- 30 days high definition storage
- Typical scan rate better than 50ms down to 10ms with optional fiber optic board installed
- Includes 2048 tags and communication drivers for drives and PLC communication

High Performance System
In addition to the above features this system includes unlimited tags, HD server, and communication drivers for drives and PLC.

Two 2TB disks in a RAID-1 and five 2TB disks in a RAID- 6 configuration to provide mirrored back up and striped data access.

- Windows Server 2012
- Up to 30 days high definition storage
- Typical scan rate down to 10ms for drives and 50ms for PLC

Both Systems Include:
- 24/7 two year onsite parts and labor for PCs and server
- Additonal 1 year depot warranty


Fiber Optic Board – ensures 10ms scan rates by providing interrupt driven communications control. Installs on any server.

Ruggedized Hardware – custom solutions designed to operate reliably in harsh environments such as mining and marine.

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