Engineered for Uptime

Nidec-Avtron applies deep automation expertise in harsh environments and high utilization applications to engineer systems that stay running. Reliable components, experienced system designers, comprehensive diagnostics, and accessible technical support means your drive system, commissioning, and operations deliver the highest possible uptime.

Flexibility is Our Hallmark

Whether a new installation or an upgrade, we design systems to work the way you do. Decades of experience in industry standard controls and communications protocols means we deliver a drive system built around your standards, not ours. Because your system works the way you work:

  • Your team is already familiar with maintenance and operations
  • Your expertise in system communications is preserved
  • Your system remains compatible with your spares and repair methods

Re-Use Major Components

Many times the lowest cost strategy to upgrade a machine is to re-use expensive components such as motors, SCR power converts, and bus bars. By keeping the expensive "muscle" components and replacing only the control equipment, your Nidec-Avtron solution will:

  • Lower materials costs
  • Reduce upgrade time
  • Improve machine uptime
  • Achieve "new system" process control

Zero Downtime Installation Process

We plan installations around your operation by coordinating with your operations to minimize downtime. Upgrades are often completed section-by-section during normal scheduled maintenance without losing a minute of production time.

Increase Uptime with Services and Diagnostics

Combine Nidec-Avtron services with monitoring diagnostics to improve system performance and uptime. Nidec-Avtron training gives your engineers the knowledge to reduce waste and downtime. Monitoring tools make sure fault and problem identification takes only minutes so corrective action starts right away.

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