Nidec manufactures Switched Reluctance Motors & Controllers, which deliver a powerful combination of high efficiency, rugged construction, and ease of use. SR Drives® systems provide an unsurpassed level of reliability that keeps your system running.

  • Industrial SR Drives® from 25 to 500 HP
  • High Power SR Drives® from 500 to 2000 HP

Switched Reluctance Motors & Controllers

Switched Reluctance motors & controllers are a high performance variable-speed solution based around brushless, magnet-free SR Drive® technology. They offer certain advantages over conventional variable-speed technologies and are increasingly being seen as a ‘rare-earth free’ alternative to permanent magnet motors.


  • IE4-compatible motor efficiency performance
  • Unlimited starting duty
  • Higher torque rating than standard induction machines of equivalent frame size
  • High speed operation: up to 6750 RPM on some models
  • Motor range extends from NEMA256 to NEMA5800 frame sizes, custom frame sizes available on request
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  • Industrial SR Drives®

  • High Power SR Drives®

  • SR Motors

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