Industrial SR Drives

Rugged and Reliable Switched Reluctance Motor Control

SR Drive® systems for industrial applications are available direct from Nidec.  Our approach is always to work closely with the customer to fully understand the end-requirements and then to provide a complete drive solution designed specifically to those requirements.  The implementation of the solution is based around a series of pre-designed and pre-approved platforms for both motors and converters which allow us to provide all the benefits of SR Drive® technology in a timely and competitive manner.

SR Drive® System Benefits

- Very high system efficiency maintained across virtually the whole operating range
- Guaranteed system performance from a single supplier
- Infinite turn-down ratio: full rated torque is available down to zero speed
- Unlimited starting duty
- Inherently robust motor construction
- Very low rotor inertia: typically less than half the inertia of conventional machines
- Exceptionally high torque available from a given motor frame size
- Comprehensive control facilities ensure the end equipment cannot be overloaded
- Universal supply voltage & frequency suits most applications world-wide


SR Drive® Converter Features & Options

- Fully specified: EMC filter and power factor correction included as standard
- Ventilated IP54 enclosure with frontal inlet and roof mounted exhaust
- Universal supply voltage 380Vac – 460Vac ± 10% 50/60 Hz
- Full CE and cUL approval for European and US/Canadian markets
- Comprehensive diagnostics provides detailed error messages via on-board display
- Comprehensive input & output selection
- Dynamic braking chopper option
- Brake resistor option: internal or external
- Door mounted isolator option
ISR Controller Platform Specification
Supply configuration Three-phase
Supply voltage & frequency 38-480Vac +/-10% 50/60Hz
Displacement factor at rated motor power & speed (integer) 0.97
EMC performance Compliant with EN61000-6-4 (industrial) generic
Approvals & certifications: North America UL & CSA UL508C & CSA C22.2
Approvals & certifications: Europe CE 2006/95/EC (LVD) & 2004/108/EC (EMC)
Ambient temperature range - operating min/max 0°C/40°C
Standard environmental rating NEMA1
Standard hazardous area rating Non-hazardous area operation only
Maximum altitude for rated operation (ft) 3000'
Construction & materials Galvanized steel chassis & painted surround
Cooling & ventilation Air-cooled by internal self-powered fan
Orientation & mounting Vertical @ 4x corners
Lifting & handling Vert'l with 4 lifting eyes (supplied)
Interfacing - Digital IO Four inputs & three outputs
Interfacing - Analogue IO 2x i/p 4-20mA, 1x o/p 0-10V
Interfacing - Standard serial communications format CAN2.0 hardware with proprietary SR protocol
Standard paint finish Textured enamel paint >30um RAL7035 Grey
Braking chopper & terminals Available as an option
Alternative serial communications standards Available as an option
IP54 floor-standing enclosure with internal line reactor Available as an option
  • 25-500 HP
  • 380-480VAC, 3HP, 50/60HZ
  • 110%, 150% or 250% capabilities

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