High Power SR Drives

High Performance SR Motor Control

Based on the ADDvantage-32 Plus platform, these high powered, high performance SR Drives provide system-level intelligence for use in applications that require high availability, reliability and dynamic performance.  Supporting a wide range of motor and control options, the platform is flexible enough for single section applications and is feature-packed for multiple motor system use. Built-in programming and diagnostics tools allow engineers to program and troubleshoot at both the drive and application level.

Built-in digital and analog I/O, standard communications and software logic blocks allow the drives to coordinate even complex, multi-drive applications. Comprehensive programming and diagnostics tools are available through ADDAPT™ software tools including alarm history and historical drive parameter plots.
Supply configuration 6-pulse and 12-pulse
Supply voltage & frequency 480 or 690Vac +/-10% 50/60Hz
Displacement factor at rated motor power & speed (integer) 0.97
Input power stage arrangement 6-pulse or 12-pulse Diod Rectifier
EMC performance Designed to EN61000-6-4 (industrial) generic
Approvals & certifications: North America UL & CSA UL & cUL pending
Approvals & certifications: Europe CE CE-pending
Ambient temperature range - operating min/max -15°C/40°C, 50°C with Derating
Standard environmental rating NEMA1
Standard hazardous area rating Non-hazardous area operation only
Maximum altitude for rated operation (m asl) 4500m with Derating
Construction & materials Modular construction: 5 adjacent bays
Cooling & ventilation Air-cooled by internal self-powered fans
Orientation & mounting Vertical @ 4x corners
Lifting & handling Vert'l with 4 lifting eyes (supplied)
Standard paint finish Textured enamel paint >30um RAL7035 Grey
Braking chopper & terminals Available as an option
Alternative serial communications standards Available as an option
Alternative E-house type packaged enclosure Available as an option

The Nidec High Power SR Drive includes the I/O, communications and programmability needed for complex control.

Drive I/O
- 34 Digital
- 10 Analog
- 2 Pulse Generator

- RS 485 Serial Link 
- Ethernet including MODBUS TCP, Ethernet Global Date (EGD), Ethernet/IP and others
- USB data transfer port

- Full range of standard faults with keypad navigation to which fault occurred
- 16 Event Fault buffer
- 8 programmable data capture channels, 8000 samples per channel, PC based playback

  • 500-2000 HP
  • 480 to 690 V supply voltages
  • NEMA 1 and NEMA 12 enclosures
  • Ethernet IP, PROFINET, Modbus, and TCP/IP
  • Application specific software available
  • Master-slave drive configurations
  • Detachable keypad

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