Switched Reluctance Motors

Switched Reluctance Motors Features

Switched Reluctance systems comprise both a motor and a controller. U.S. MOTORS® brand Switched Reluctance Motors are offered with four standard base speeds: 1000, 1800, 3600 and 4500 RPM, and with proper controller pairings support either 150% or 250% overload torque. 

Motor Options
NEMA frame sizes 256 through 5800. Standard NEMA frame options, including C & D flanges.
Four base speed options: 
   - 1000 RPM – comparable to 6/8-pole conventional machines 
   - 1800 RPM – comparable to 4-pole conventional machines 
   - 3600 RPM – comparable to 2-pole conventional machines 
   - 4500 RPM – for high-speed applications

Motor Platform Specification
Starting duty (starts to rated speed & power per hour) Unlimited
Temperature rise to EN60034-1 (insulation system class) Class F 105°C Δ (Class H)
Approvals & certifications UL-pending
Ambient temperature range - operating min/max -10°C/40°C
Environmental rating as standard IP54
Hazardous area rating as standard Non-hazardous
Maximum altitude for rated operation (ft) 3000'
Construction & materials TEFC, cast-iron frame & end-brackets
Cooling & ventilation Shaft-mounted centrifugal fan
Mounting & orientation as standard Horizontal foot-mounted
Bearings Regreasable open ball bearings
Standard rotor balance grade G2.5
Maximum vibration level at rated speed free-shaft (in/s) 0.06
Rotor position transducer as standard Triple Hall-effect RPT & shaft-mounted shutter
Motor over-temperature sensor Triple series-connected 160°C PTC thermistors
Power terminations 6 x flying leads within conduit box
Signal terminations Terminal block with 6 x 14SWG terminals
Standard paint finish World Motor Grey' enamel paint >30um
Motor dimensions NEMA standard
US Import category code 8501 53 81 90
Anti condensation heaters Available as an option
NEMA C flange Available as an option
NEMA D flange Available as an option
Separately excited blower Available as an option
Inpro bearing seals Available as an option
Oversized terminal box Available as an option
  • Cast-iron TEFC frames with bi-directional shaft mounted fan
  • IP55 environmental rating
  • Over-temperature sensors in all phases as standard
  • Class H insulation 
  • Generously sized top-mounting terminal box
  • Grease fed bearings
  • Anti-condensation heater options 110Vac/230Vac
  • Foot & flange mounted options in standard and IEC frame sizes

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