Winder Software & Upgrades

Nidec-Avtron has expertise in winder applications and we’ve completed many upgrades to Drum Driven Winders, Center Driven Winders and Tissue Winders. We have developed specific winder software which includes control aspects that are needed in addition to standard speed tension software.

Standard Winder Configurations:

  • Inner Loop: Speed, Voltage or Current
  • Outer Trim: Dancer, Load Cell, CEMF
  • Feedback: Analog, CEMF, Digital Tach
  • Control Modes: Surface, Center, or Surface/Center
  • Additional Control: Rider Roll and Unwind Brake

The Standard ADDvantage-32 Winder/Unwinder software offers many possible configuration options. Nidec-Avtron has over 30 additional operating functions available for application:

Nidec-Avtron understands the expense of machine downtime and the difficulty of securing large project funding. For this reason, we suggest you consider Chunk-a-tizing your project by upgrading one section of your machine at a time. With this method, machine upgrades can be completed over time using smaller budgets and within a scheduled outage.

  • Outer Control Loop
  • Automatic Roll Change functions
  • Speed Feedback
  • Speed Reference
  • Speed Loop
  • Armature Current Reference
  • CEMF Field Control

To view Nidec-Avtron’s comprehensive list of operating functions, click here.

As with Pulp and Paper Machines, older Winder drives can be replaced with a DC digital front end retrofit, full DC armature drives, and/or digital AC drives. New HMIs and PLCs are upgraded as needed to improve quality and productivity.

If your winder has old DC drives with expensive board repairs, obsolete components or poor diagnostics, contact Nidec-Avtron for an upgrade solution.

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