Avtron Crane Control Systems

Nidec-Avtron Crane Systems provides a complete line of control and automation products for overhead and industrial cranes. We pride ourselves on offering the most flexible and modern solutions for controlling our customers’ cranes. From a simple AC inverter to a fully automated material handling crane, Nidec-Avtron has all the tools to empower your crane.

OEM Solutions

Nidec-Avtron offers a wide variety of products and services to fit our OEM customers’ needs. Loose AC and DC drives, standard panels and custom solutions give Nidec-Avtron’s Crane Team a complete and flexible product line. Our experienced staff of engineers and service personnel will ensure that your system is well designed and supported. Nidec-Avtron service and parts are available 24/7/365.

Retrofit Solutions to Extend a Crane’s Service Life

Nidec-Avtron’s AC and DC product line is well suited for almost any type of crane manufacturer and style of crane. Nidec-Avtron has the unique ability to tailor fit our products and systems to our customers’ needs. Our experience with all types of cranes allows Nidec-Avtron to provide safe and reliable products that will be supported for the rest of your crane’s life.

Automation Systems to Increase a Crane’s Productivity and Throughput

Nidec-Avtron’s experienced staff of engineers brings decades of experience in crane automation and control. Whether it’s building virtual safety barriers around equipment or fully automating a crane’s operation, our engineering staff has the solution. Nidec-Avtron’s experience in heavy industry systems allows us to bring multiple types of PLC and HMI solutions to our customers. This experience also allows Nidec-Avtron to provide systems that stand up to the test of time.

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