Hot Metal Crane Controls

Nidec-Avtron has the largest AC drives on hot metal cranes in North America.Our experienced staff of engineers has provided both AC and DC solutions for the handling of hot metal. If your crane can lift it, we can control it!

AC Systems

Nidec-Avtron AC drive systems offer our customers with the most integrated designs available. Nidec-Avtron stand-alone AC drives have built-in brake chopper units up to 1000HP to ensure our systems occupy the least amount of room possible and provide the most reliable operation. Our common-bus AC systems can provide regenerative power capability and power factor correction.

  • Stand-alone drive up to 1000HP with integrated DB units reduces panel and electrical room size and space
  • Common bus systems with Active Front Ends provide regenerative capabilities and power factor correction
  • Engineered drive and motor pairs reduce the number of motors required on the hoist and thereby reduce the number of potential mechanical failures possible

DC Drive Systems

Most new cranes utilize AC drive technology but DC is still very prevalent in mills all over the world. Nidec-Avtron ’s ADDvantage-32 DC drive platform offers the most safe and reliable DC drive available for hot metal crane needs. Built-in diagnostics and plain English parameter and fault codes make it the choice for hot metal applications.

  • Proven technology ensures our customers receive a safe and reliable system
  • Single hoist and master-slave arrangements fit all types of hot metal crane applications
  • Built-in crane firmware ensures proper coordination of the drives and brakes to ensure safe and reliable operation.

Diagnostics and Automation

Nidec-Avtron Crane Systems can provide all levels of control systems for operation on hot metal cranes. Our extensive background in PLCs and automation allow us to help our customers get the most out of their cranes. Our DriveView™ diagnostic system provides the highest level of diagnostics and support for cranes with both local and remote monitoring capabilities.

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