Intermodal Crane Control Systems

Nidec-Avtron Crane Systems has provided systems for intermodal applications to assist in the transfer of cargo on land. Our systems allow cranes to move their customers’ cargo in a safe and reliable manor. Nidec-Avtron’s Crane Team stands ready to provide our customers with the most flexible systems on the market.

Proven AC and DC Drive Systems

Intermodal operations require systems that run safely and reliably. Our AC and DC drive products are designed for rugged use on a crane.

  • Proven AC and DC drive technology ensures our customers that their start-ups run smoothly and on time
  • Flexible communication platforms provide our customers with a variety of diagnostic and support options
  • Dedicated crane firmware ensures safe and reliable operation of the cranes

Sway Control and Semi-Automation

Rail Mounted gantry cranes and intermodal cranes are excellent candidates for automation. Automation can increase an existing crane’s productivity or provide a new crane with exceptional performance. Our automation products help our customers increase productivity and performance.

  • Sway control can increase an average operator’s performance, allowing the crane to increase productivity with all users
  • Semi and full automation can increase a crane’s productivity by moving cargo from point A to point B via the shortest distance
  • Flexibility in PLC platforms allows Nidec-Avtron to integrate systems that are friendly to the customer's existing spare parts and knowledge base, thereby reducing maintenance costs

Diagnostics and Automation

Avtron Crane Systems can provide all levels of control systems for operation on intermodal cranes. Our extensive background in PLCs and automation allow us to help our customers get the most out of their cranes. Our DriveView™ diagnostic system provides the highest level of diagnostics and support for cranes with both local and remote monitoring capabilities.

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