Overhead Crane Controls

Nidec-Avtron has provided safe and reliable control systems to most of the major OEMs in North America. Our dedicated staff and products provide a flexible and reliable platform for all types of overhead cranes. Whether your crane is designed to CMAA or AIST specifications, Nidec-Avtron has the products and services to meet your needs.

AC and DC Drives

As technology evolves, both crane manufacturers and users must keep their cranes operating safely and reliably. This requires products that are designed and set-up specifically for overhead crane applications. Coordination between the brake, AC or DC drive and the control system are all essential to safe operation. Nidec-Avtron has designed AC and DC drive products specifically for operation of overhead cranes. Our products offer our customers the following benefits:

  • Dedicated crane firmware with features that ensure our customers’ cranes work safely and reliably
  • AC drives with built-in brake choppers up to 1000HP that reduce crane panel size and the need for additional spare parts
  • AC drive wizard helps the user apply and start-up the drives in fifteen minutes or less
  • AC and DC drives with flexible communication networks allow systems to be upgraded with automation and diagnostics.

Standard and Engineered Panel Solutions

Nidec-Avtron provides both standard and custom panel solutions for overhead crane applications. Standard and CMAA designed solutions provide a complete package for new and existing overhead crane applications. Our panel solutions provide:

  • Standard panel designs with built-in brake choppers up to 500HP
  • Custom panel applications tailored to meet our customers’ needs
  • CMAA compatible panels ensure proper design and applications for our customers

Crane Specific Products and Services

Nidec-Avtron’s Crane Team is staffed with some of the most experienced engineers in the industry. Our staff can work with most major brands of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) as well as HMI and control stations. Nidec-Avtron has a full suite of automation products designed to increase crane performance and productivity.

  • Open and closed loop sway control
  • Semi-automation
  • Full automation
  • Anti-collision
  • Skew Control
  • Diagnostics
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