Turbine & Lift Gate Crane Control

Nidec-Avtron Crane Systems has provided systems for power house and dam applications. Our rugged products stand the test of time and offer our customers extended service life and value. Nidec-Avtron has provided numerous projects to the US Army Corp and US Navy.

Proven AC and DC Drive Systems

When our customers upgrade their cranes, the expectation is for the equipment to be supported for several years. Nidec-Avtron has a proven record of extending the life of its drive product line, which ensures customers that the upgrade they purchase today will last well into the next decade. Our systems provide:

  • Proven AC and DC drive technology to ensure our customers start-ups that run smoothly and on time
  • Flexible communication platforms with a variety of diagnostic and support options
  • Dedicated crane firmware to ensure safe and reliable operation of the cranes

Single and Dual Hoist Applications

Paramount to the successful utilization of powerhouse cranes is the ability to coordinate dual hook or multiple cranes. Nidec-Avtron AC and DC drives have built-in coordination software to allow for precise operation of dual hoists or the coordination of two cranes hoisting together. Our direct drive communication link allows drives to communicate with each other, providing a fast and accurate way to coordinate drives and systems.

  • Built-in coordination firmware provides proven software that reduces start-up and implementation costs
  • Coordination software can be set up closed loop to provide very precise crane coordination
  • Proven software ensures our customers a safe and reliable operation and faster start-ups

Diagnostics and Automation

Nidec-Avtron Crane Systems can provide all levels of control systems for operation on hot metal cranes. Our extensive background in PLCs and automation allows us to help our customers get the most out of their cranes. Our DriveView™ diagnostic system provides the highest level of diagnostics and support for cranes with both local and remote monitoring capabilities.

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