Nidec-Avtron’s proven bulk handling crane systems have helped our customers increase both productivity and crane uptime. Whether our customers have an existing crane in need of a control system upgrade or are specifying a brand new crane, Nidec-Avtron has the products and services to meet all of our customers’ needs.

Eliminate Those Outdated Drives and Controls!

Existing crane systems can require large amounts of service and support to keep operational. Nidec-Avtron has provided upgrade packages for all types of clamshell and bulk handling cranes to increase the crane’s productivity and eliminate downtime. Our products and services offer the greatest amount of flexibility and can be tailored for any need.

  • New AC and DC drives or DC front ends can be applied to any existing control system
  • Upgrade products that will be supported for many years ensuring our customers’ cranes will operate for years to come
  • Replace outdated I/O systems with modern ones already in use at the port
  • Add enhanced diagnostics to reduce troubleshooting time on the cranes
  • Proven system software for both hydraulic and rope operated clamshells ensures proper crane operation

Automation to Increase Your Productivity and Volume

Nidec-Avtron’s proven semi and full automation packages provide users of our systems with the ability to optimize their crane’s operation and throughput. Our products can be laid over existing systems or included with our upgrades to offer our customers the benefits of our automation services.

  • Proven motion profile software allows the crane to run between two points in the most time efficient manor, increasing crane cycle times and productivity.
  • Sway control packages help operators control the load and move it in a more efficient manor
  • Ship profiling software archives ships to reduce system set-up and readiness


Nidec-Avtron’s suite of diagnostic systems can help reduce downtime due to system and application troubleshooting. Our products are designed to work in conjunction with the drives and PLCs to provide the highest level of support for the crane. Nidec-Avtron offers a variety of platforms to meet most budgets.

  • Graphical and real-time data assist the user to troubleshoot issues quickly, thereby reducing crane downtime
  • Ease of navigation allows users of all skill levels to utilize the product and support the crane
  • Crane diagnostics, alarms, warnings, trending and documentation allow the user to troubleshoot most problems in fifteen minutes or less
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