Mobile Harbor Crane Systems

Nidec-Avtron Crane Systems can eliminate your obsolete system components and drives with state-of-the-art systems to keep your mobile harbor crane in top working order. Nidec-Avtron’s systems stand up to the test of time and keep your crane operational for years to come. Nidec-Avtron can update your Gottwald crane with state-of-the art controls to extend its service life and reduce maintenance and service costs.

Replace those obsolete drives with ones you can trust!

Mobile Harbor cranes are supplied with drives that typically do not have a long life expectancy. Since Nidec-Avtron introduced its DC drive platform, our competitors have proceeded with new designs with little to no backward compatibility. Nidec-Avtron drives are designed to provide years of service life and be capable of future upgrades.

  • Install a drive that is well supported to ensure your crane operates for ten or more years
  • Upgrade to drives with the most advanced diagnostics to reduce troubleshooting time
  • Drive hardware that is built for crane applications ensures our customers maximum crane uptime due to the drive system
  • Prebuilt panels fit right where existing drives are located, reducing downtime needed to convert the system

Documented and Supported Programmable Logic Control

Most cranes come with a programmable logic control system that is not well documented or supported. Nidec-Avtron’s Crane Team can provide a new PLC system that allows the port to take ownership of the crane system and reduce support and service costs.

  • Replacing the outdated PLC system and I/O will eliminate downtime due to parts obsolescence and support
  • Flexibility of Programmable Logic Controller platforms to utilize customer’s existing knowledge base and spare parts
  • Well documented logic allows our customers to take ownership of their system and provide troubleshooting and support which reduces maintenance costs


Nidec-Avtron’s suite of diagnostic systems can help reduce downtime due to system and application troubleshooting. Our products are designed to work in conjunction with the drives and PLCs to provide the highest level of support for the crane. Nidec-Avtron offers a variety of platforms to meet most budgets.

  • Graphical and real-time data assist the user to troubleshoot issues quickly, thereby reducing crane downtime
  • Ease of navigation allows users of all skill levels to utilize the product and support the crane
  • Crane diagnostics, alarms, warnings, trending and documentation allow the user to troubleshoot most problems in fifteen minutes or less
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