RTG Crane Systems & RMG Crane Systems

Rubber Tire Gantry and Rail Mounted Gantry cranes are critical to the flow of containers within a port. Once containers are offloaded, these cranes are critical to movement of cargo within and out of the port. Nidec-Avtron Crane Systems provides a full range of products and services that can keep your existing cranes rolling or power your new ones.

Upgrade your existing AC and DC Drive Systems with Confidence

Nidec-Avtron’s AC and DC drive systems are designed to work on diesel and electric powered cranes. Our product line includes stand-alone AC, common-bus AC and DC drive platforms to suit any kind of situation. Nidec-Avtron will replace your outdated controls with state-of-the-art products that will be supported and serviced for years to come.

  • Modern AC and DC drives that will provide years of service and support allowing our customers to focus on moving cargo
  • A company with years of experience with every manufacturer of RTG and RMG cranes ensures you get a system that works reliably
  • Flexibility in PLC and HMI platforms allows Nidec-Avtron to tailor fit systems to each customer’s needs while utilizing the customer’s existing spare parts and knowledge base

Automation and System Integration

Nidec-Avtron’s engineering and service team offers a unique mix of experience and products to automate and integrate systems into our customers’ cranes. Sway control, anti-collision and automatic pick and drop are just some of Nidec-Avtron’s capabilities that help our customers’ cranes move cargo.

  • Experienced Engineering staff insures that our customers receive automation systems that will function the way they want them to
  • Nidec-Avtron’s unique capability to integrate most manufacturers’ products provides our customers with systems that fit them best


Nidec-Avtron’s suite of diagnostic systems can help reduce downtime due to system and application troubleshooting. Our products are designed to work in conjunction with the drives and PLCs to provide the highest level of support for the crane. Nidec-Avtron offers a variety of platforms to meet most budgets.

  • Graphical and real-time data assist the user to troubleshoot issues quickly, thereby reducing crane downtime
  • Ease of navigation allows users of all skill levels to utilize the product and support the crane
  • Crane diagnostics, alarms, warnings, trending and documentation allow the user to troubleshoot most problems in fifteen minutes or less
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