Skip Hoist Automation Solutions

Skip Hoist Automation Solutions Ensured Furnace Charging

Advanced System Features for Successful Skip Hoist Upgrades:

  • Cost-Effective Skip Hoist Upgrade Solutions-Choice of new or Retrofit
  • Guaranteed Furnace Charging with On-Line System Backup
  • Peak Furnace Efficiency through Advanced Diagnostics

Keep Charging with a Configurable, Multi-Motor/Drive Design

Our systems have oversized drives and motors that allow multiple combinations of motors/drives to run the skip if a control system failure occurs. The system also includes a hot, online backup PLC. The system can be quickly and easily reconfigured to a backup mode to keep the skip running even with a system failure.

Low Project Risk with an Experienced Automation Partner

Nidec-Avtron skip hoist drive systems use proven hardware, software and system architecture. Our systems are designed by experienced engineering and service team with a long track record of on-time, on-budget project execution.

Cutting-Edge Diagnostics Ensure Improved Skip Availability

Our drives include an on-board high-speed signal analyzer that can be used to troubleshoot hard-to-find problems. System-level diagnostics are also provided by an Nidec-Avtron Performance View Process Diagnostic System. These on-site systems are backed up by remote diagnostics from the Nidec-Avtron Service Team.

Nidec-Avtron SMARTach Diagnostic Encoders Reduce Downtime

Our SMARTachs have on-board self-repair and diagnostics, including a Red/Green LED to show the encoder status. The LED eliminates encoder change-out when the encoder is OK, saving unwarranted downtime.

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