Process Lines Automation

High-Performance Process Line Automation Systems for:

  • Leveling Lines
  • Coating Lines
  • Slitting Lines
  • Cut-to-Lenth Lines

Low Risk Upgrades for Critical Process Line Applications

Nidec-Avtron offers you an experienced design team in improving process line productivity. Our proven hardware, software and system architecture provides you with a low risk solution. Our systems have advanced diagnostics you can use to prevent lost production.

Meet Your Demands-A Maintenance Free and Long Service Life

Nidec-Avtron systems reduce your process line operating costs with precision 100% digital designs. This increases production through optimized motor control. And our process line systems are backward compatible so an Nidec-Avtron upgrade eliminates obsolescence.

Precision Bridle Control for Improved Strip Quality

Nidec-Avtron Process Line Drives are specifically designed with bridle load share optimization for high quality strip tension control. This ensures you can run your full product range smoothly throughout the life of the system.

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