Leveling Lines Automation

Advanced System Features for Successful Tension Leveler Upgrades:

  • Cost-Effective Tension Leveler Upgrade Solutions-Choice of New or Retrofit
  • Increase Production with Nidec-Avtron Tension Leveler Control
  • Peak Leveling Efficiency through Advanced Diagnostics

Improve Leveler Performance with Better Elongation Control

Nidec-Avtron has been making digital elongation controllers for over 30 years. Our elongation controller provides better speed coordination through the Leveler for more consistent strip flatness.

Low Project Risk with an Experienced Automation Partner

Nidec-Avtron Tension Leveler drive systems use proven hardware, software and system architecture. Our systems are designed by experienced engineering and service team with a long track record of on-time, on-budget project execution.

Cutting-Edge Diagnostics Ensure Improved Leveler Availability

Our Skin Pass Mill Drives include an on-board high-speed signal analyzer that can be used to troubleshoot hard-to-find problems. System-level diagnostics are also provided by an Avtron Performance View Process Diagnostic System. These on-site systems are backed up by remote diagnostics from the Nidec-Avtron Service Team.

Avtron SMARTach Diagnostic Encoders Reduce Downtime

Our SMARTachs have on-board self-repair and diagnostics, including a Red/Green LED to show the encoder status. The LED eliminates encoder change-out when the encoder is OK, saving unwarranted downtime.

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