Our dredging solutions improve productivity, with higher availability and better cycle times, resulting in the highest performing equipment in the industry.

  • Increase Dredge Production
  • Improve Cycle Times
  • Increase Availability


Over the past 20 years, Nidec-Avtron has installed and upgraded digital drive systems on every major type of dredging equipment including dipper dredges, cutter suction dredges, trailing suction dredges, bucket and clamshell dredges. We specialize in rugged and reliable solutions for tough applications.

Deep Bench of Support

We have developed extensive application knowledge and experience to aid dredging companies in improving the productivity and availability of their existing equipment. We have a large installed base on dredges located throughout the world.

Dredging Specific Solutions

We provide specific hardware solutions for any existing drive system including AC and DC drives, MG set field upgrades, digitally firing any existing analog drive, and providing remote diagnostic capability over Ethernet. Upgrades are tailored to the customer’s specific needs, reducing capital expense and downtime.

Electric Drive Upgrades for Dredges

  • Eliminate obsolete electronics with supportable state of the art controls
  • Allows your operation to maintain dredge drives in-house, thereby reducing costs
  • Adds remote diagnostic capability to aid your operation with faster troubleshooting
  • Avtron drives are installed on dredges worldwide
  • Experienced Nidec-Avtron Engineering and Field Service staff provides a deep bench of support to your dredges
  • Move more material!

Avtron MineView Diagnostic System

  • Quickly identifies machine underutilization
  • Provides long term storage of data on board your dredge with remote access by mine maintenance or Nidec-Avtron personnel simultaneously – more eyes, faster solution
  • Built-in X-Y plotter provides optimum machine duty cycles reducing wear and tear and maximizing production

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