• Increase Mine Production
  • Improve Cycle Times
  • Increase Machine Availability

Shovel Electric Drive Upgrades

  • Eliminate obsolete electronics with supportable state of the art controls
  • Allows your mine to maintain shovel drives in-house, thereby reducing costs
  • Adds remote diagnostic capability to aid your mine with faster troubleshooting
  • Over 350 Avtron drives installed on electric shovels worldwide
  • Experienced Nidec-Avtron Engineering and Field Service staff provides a deep bench of support to your mine
  • Reduce RPC failures and lower maintenance costs
  • Move more material!

Avtron Drive Upgrade Kits are available for the following models:

P&H 4100XPB, P&H 4100TS, P&H 4100BOSS, P&H 4100A, P&H 4100, P&H 2800XPB, P&H 2800XPA, P&H 2800XP, P&H 2800, P&H 2300XPB, P&H 2300XPA, P&H 2300XP, P&H 2300, P&H 2100BLE

Bucyrus-Erie BE 395B, BE 295B, BE 280B, BE 195B

Marion 351M, 301M, 204M, 201M, 191M, 182M

Nidec-Avtron RPC (Reactive Power Compensator) and Diverter Upgrade Kits

Avtron MineView Diagnostic System

  • Quickly identifies machine underutilization
  • Provides long term storage of data on board shovel with remote access by mine maintenance or Nidec-Avtron personnel simultaneously – more eyes, faster solution
  • Built-in X-Y plotter provides optimum machine duty cycles reducing wear and tear and maximizing production

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