Pulp and Paper retrofit, upgrade

Nidec-Avtron has been providing innovative solutions to the Pulp and Paper Industry since the 1950s. Our solutions have helped paper customers upgrade existing machines, improve productivity, reduce downtime and improve paper quality. Nidec-Avtron is well recognized in the industry due to our:

  • Severe Duty Encoder, pulse generator, tachometer
  • Innovative magnetic encoder technology which provides the longest service, without downtime, in the toughest environments
  • Reliable performance of our speed-draw monitoring systems and simple data historians
  • Sheet Length counters

Today, Nidec-Avtron supplies:

  • Full digital DC Drives and DC Drive Digital Front End Upgrades
  • Full AC Drives -- Stand Alone and Common Bus
  • PLCs, HMIs, complete Turn-key Projects
  • Ethernet Communications
  • Performance View Diagnostic Data Historian

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