Pulp and Paper machines

Nidec-Avtron specializes in retrofit upgrades of existing pulp or paper machine electric drives, controls and diagnostics. A cost effective solution to upgrade an older DC drive is to install a digital front end retrofit where we retain the existing SCRs and replace old obsolete control boards. Nidec-Avtron replaces older DC and AC electric drives with new digital AC electric drives. We also upgrade older line shaft machine mechanical and electric drives.

Typical problems associated with pulp and paper machine electric drives and controls are caused by obsolescence. Nidec-Avtron has cost effective upgrade solutions that have been implemented on older generation systems from Reliance, GE, Westinghouse, Siemens, ABB, Rockwell and others.

Nidec-Avtron has proven experience upgrading:

  • Air Dry, Drum Dry, Wet Lap, Baled and Specialty pulp machines
  • Board, White, Kraft, Tissue, Newsprint, and Specialty paper machines

Nidec-Avtron pioneered electric DC Drive Digital Front End Retrofits. This cost effective technique to upgrade an old DC electric drive to a new Digital DC Drive has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars at many mills.

Nidec-Avtron understands the expense of machine downtime and the difficulty of securing large project funding. For this reason, we suggest you consider Chunk-a-tizing your project by upgrading one section of your machine at a time. With this method, machine upgrades can be completed over time using smaller budgets and within a scheduled outage.

If your pulp or paper machine has old DC Drives with expensive board repairs, obsolete components or poor diagnostics, contact Nidec-Avtron for an upgrade solution.

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