Port of Everett Awards Crane System Upgrade to Avtron Crane Systems


Avtron Crane Systems was recently awarded the contract for the upgrade of two Hitachi container crane control systems by the Port of Everett. Avtron will be providing a complete turn-key system for the project.
Both cranes are rated for 40 LT under the spreader and were originally manufactured around 1978. The cranes are motor-generator set driven and fed by 4160VAC shore power. The motors and generators are governed by an analog S21 control system which was supplied with the original equipment.
Avtron will be supplying new digital field regulators based on their proven ADDvantage-32 DC drive platform. Each mg set controller regulates the generator and motor fields for coordination of the system. Avtron’s unique design shares the control of the Main Hoist, Gantry and Boom sections, all of which are controlled by the first generator. The ADDvantage 32 drive firmware is able to switch seamlessly between motions, eliminating delays often found in other systems.
Avtron will also provide a new programmable logic control system based on the Rx3i platform. A new PLC cabinet along with remote I/O will simplify the crane wiring and provide enhanced visibility into the control system. Communication between the ADDvantage 32 regulators and the PLC will be over Ethernet, which provides a high speed, open system for the crane.
With only two ship-to-shore cranes at the port, Port of Everett wants a system that is reliable and easy to maintain. Avtron is supplying its CraneView™ CMS package to simplify troubleshooting for the maintenance personnel. CraneView™ provides a graphical method of troubleshooting the entire crane’s electrical system. CraneView™ will allow port personnel to find the root cause of most electrical problems within fifteen minutes.
Port of Everett selected Avtron’s system approach after looking into more costly alternatives. Avtron’s system is the most cost effective way to eliminate the port’s obsolescence issues and put the cranes back into nameplate operation. Upgrades on both cranes are due to be completed in June of 2012.
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