Calibration Service

Nidec-Avtron's quality system is not only registered to ISO 9001, our internal calibration system complies with the ISO 10012-1 calibration standard as well. All products undergoing calibration service are NIST traceable and the integrity of the standards used during the calibration is assured due to the stringent requirements of ISO 10012-1. As a courtesy to our customers, “out of tolerance” conditions are reported, as well as supporting data provided for no additional charge.

We are also capable of providing our customers with various levels of calibration service to help keep your Nidec-Avtron equipment running at peak performance. Whether it's a basic calibration with no documentation, a NIST traceable calibration or our highest level of service performed in accordance with the ISO 10012-1 standard, we are able to keep you up and running accurately at a reasonable fee. After all, who knows your Nidec-Avtron product better than Nidec-Avtron?

Contact Nidec-Avtron's RMA department for information on our calibration services or to receive an RMA number and return your Nidec-Avtron product for calibration service.

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