Nidec Avtron Automation offers a number of Support Contracts and Programs to meet your needs and improve your machine productivity and uptime. We can tailor any Predictive (PdM) or Preventive (PM) Support to provide cost saving results. The remote computer support program, called ADMS, allows a Nidec-Avtron engineer to diagnose and implement computer support just as if they were sitting in your drive/control room. Please read about ADMS use in the Real World and how this saved customers time and money.

After Hours Phone Support

As always, provided free of charge, 24/7/365, for all systems under warranty. Once out of warranty, support can be contracted on a yearly basis. Nidec-Avtron will continue to provide free phone support during normal business hours. Included bonus with the purchase of the "Early Buy" after hours support is a waiver on the After Hours and weekend surcharge for shipping parts. This could amount to a $200 saving on each emergency parts shipment. An After Hours telephone contract, purchased early, is approximately 13¢ per hour. (This Covers an Entire Plant/location!) Click for more information.

Remote Computer Support: ADMS

For years, Nidec Avtron Automation has been providing remote computer service. The service called ADMS (ADDvantage Direct Modem Service), takes remote control of a specified computer in your plant. The computer at the plant level, at a minimum is running the Avtron ADDAPT software package. Additional software that the customer owns and has installed in the PC will be accessible as well for troubleshooting PLC and Operator Interface issues. The interface connection can be made with simple modem and phone line, or if available in your plant, we have high speed internet with VPN connections. Click for more information.

Predictive (PdM) and Preventive (PM) Support

Nidec-Avtron service offers both Predictive and Preventive Maintenance agreements. Both programs are typically set up or scheduled to occur at least twice a year. The Predictive program creates a baseline of machine operation so that operating conditions can be trended and problems found before they occur. The predictive program is non-invasive to production, and in fact requires production to be occurring. Predictive contracts are set to give the customer flexibility in the schedule for on-site work to occur. This flexibility achieves lower end costs to the customer. Studies also indicate that a properly implemented PdM program will reduce maintenance costs.

Custom Preventive Maintenance

We will include the standard PM items as well as any specialty items particular to an installation. (e.g. this could include cable replacement for highly corrosive environments). We will help you anticipate problem situations before they cause costly downtime. Typical PM interval is 2 site visits per year.

Standard Preventive Maintenance

We will perform predetermined services on each drive, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), and Operator Interface Terminal (OIT) in your system. Includes assessment of your spare parts situation and spares testing where possible.

Predictive Maintenance (PdM) – Support Contract

We will document machine performance so you can later compare when problems are suspected. This includes creating baseline data and performance recordings. Later recordings will be compared to your baseline to predict mechanical failures based on increased current draw or speed variations or identify drive-tuning changes. These are invaluable in case you replace a drive and need to re-tune to meet performance objectives. Documented studies report that a good PdM program costs less than a PM program, thereby saving money and increasing production.

For more information about Nidec-Avtron's Service Support Contracts, email or call our Service Contracts Administrator at 216-642-1230 x 1214.

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