Our goal is for you to have minimal downtime, maximum production and maintainability.

Since every customer situation is unique, we don't force a cookie cutter solution on you.

Customization is our standard.

Our strength lies in integrating legacy components with new updated software and hardware. Since each situation is unique, we focus on the needs assessment of your particular situation. We do not advocate upgrades for the sake of change, however we do recommend them to keep your equipment and systems at the level where they can be effectively and economically maintained.

  • Eliminate downtime due to obsolescence
  • Upgrade with hardware that will be supported for many years
  • Enhance Productivity
  • Replace outdated I/O systems with modern ones already in use at your facility
  • Add enhanced diagnostics to reduce troubleshooting time

Nidec-Avtron has upgraded the largest dragline in the world, the biggest icebreaker in the Great Lakes, the deepest salt mine in the country, and the oldest incline trolley in the world.

For more information about how we can upgrade your system, please use the Contact Nidec-Avtron box on this page.

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