The philosophy of our service department is to put programs into place that help keep customer machines at maximum production and profitability. Although we're more than willing to assist, we feel that the customer is in the best position to be the first line of defense and problem resolution. For this reason, we provide an array of training which is heavily focused on a "hands-on" approach.

It's not expected that someone will become a drive expert after one class; however it's proven that we can much more effectively communicate and troubleshoot over the phone with a class graduate.

Already had a training class? We've found that the drives often work so well, the graduate student gets little chance to practice the skills and material learned in class. A refresher class can keep you in a position to save your company from costly downtime.

Nidec-Avtron Training has been Improved!

Nidec-Avtron continually strives to improve our training process. We've done the following to enhance training:

  • Interactive Training Exercises: more hands-on time with the equipment, including ADDAPT™ Software
  • Software Blocks: increased amount of time reviewing blocks with hands-on practical exercises
  • System Overviews: review how Avtron drives work as a system and interface with devices such as PLC's, MMI's, and field devices
  • Industry Specific Reviews: how the drives are used in trainees' specific industries, and benefits derived from a maintenance, process control, and increased production stand point
  • Featured Class Offered: Enhanced Maintenance and Troubleshooting Techniques (EMAT). This course combines four classes into one 4-Day Class

Nidec-Avtron Training Provides:

  • Experienced instructors with extensive technical backgrounds and the ability to effectively communicate at various levels
  • Highly refined, dynamic courses that deliver a balanced presentation of theory and practical applications along with hands-on training sessions
  • Affordably priced courses which effectively train your new employees and expand the proficiency of existing personnel
  • Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) earned by each student upon completion of any Avtron training course. CEUs are a nationally recognized means of tracking your continuing education achievements
  • Certificates of training, personalized with the student's name, are awarded at the completion of each course

Nidec-Avtron Training Results in:

  • More efficient system operation
  • Higher production and profits
  • Reduced unscheduled downtime
  • Reduced waste

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