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101A – Enhanced Maintenance and Troubleshooting Techniques (EMAT) and 101B – EMAT ADD-ONS

101A – Enhanced Maintenance and Troubleshooting Techniques (EMAT)

(Offered for ADD-32™ DC, ADD-32™ AC, and MG-Sets)


This class is intended for maintenance personnel, project engineers, process control personnel, and anyone responsible for ADD-32™ DC Drives and their associated controls. This course was developed with techniques to assist adult learners to retain the information long after the course is over. Techniques include 75% hands-on task oriented learning. This class incorporates four previously separate offerings which make it by far the best value for the training dollar.

This class is also recommended as a yearly refresher course.

This class includes:

  • ADD-32™ Maintenance and Troubleshooting (also available separately)
  • Software Block Functionality (also available separately as "Software Block Applications")
  • ADDAPT 2000™ Programming Software Operation (also available separately)
  • Drive Start-up Methods
  • DC Drive Theory
  • Encoders
  • Training Units, Manual, and Laptops provided for use in class
  • Student to Instructor Ratio 8:1 or less
  • 75% Hands-on Training
  • and much more...

Add any one of the following application review/overviews to your four-day Enhanced Maintenance and Troubleshooting Techniques (EMAT) class.

  • Winders
  • Cranes
  • MG-Sets
  • Shovels
  • Sheeters
  • Draglines
  • Mine Hoists
  • Systems
  • Tachs/Encoders

Course Length: 1 Day
CEUs: 0.7
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101A and 101B also available in Spanish!

Training Options:

To provide the best quality training to our customers, Nidec-Avtron is committed to providing effective and workable training solutions.

You can take the EMAT course 1 of 3 ways:

On-Site Training


On-site training is convenient, cost-effective, and has become more popular in recent years. All classes are available on-site.

In many cases it is more economical and convenient to bring the training to your plant location. We bring the entire course to your location: Training Units, Laptops, Software, Manuals, etc.

Flexible scheduling. It is common for us to tailor the training to your personnel's normal start times, break times, and stop times, making it easier and more convenient for the people attending.

Each schedule is customized to meet your needs. Training can be held in back to back sessions scheduling straight through the weekends if desired, or split between two or more weeks.

More cost effective training!

The cost of travel and lodging for employees attending distant training is eliminated. In many cases, the training costs are offset and even pay for themselves through increased productivity.

Courses are more specific to your equipment.

By training on-site, the course can be customized to include information on your specific system. Field trips to observe your actual equipment will add meaning to the course material. Students gain by getting answers to questions about your actual equipment.

System Specific Training.

System specific training is available as an option on all on-site classes. We will work with you to identify training requirements and develop a system specific training class that will meet your needs.

Why not get started today? Contact our Training Manager to secure the on-site dates you prefer.

On-Site Options

Option A: Facility Property
Training can be held on your facility property. All that is required is a secure classroom with tables and chairs, a projector screen, or white board, and electrical outlets.

Option B: At Near-by Hotel with Meeting Room
In some cases customers prefer to hold training at a hotel near their plant. This frees them from providing a classroom on-site and reduces the chances that students will be removed from training.

If there is an option you prefer, let us know, we will make all of the arrangements.

Regional Training

This method of delivering valuable training information provides benefits to customers, saving money in travel and living expenses, while making attendance convenient.

Regional training sessions are organized in a centralized location, typically held in a hotel conference room. The instructor, equipment, and handout materials give Nidec-Avtron equipment users a focused instructional environment for effective learning. Most courses listed here are available through the Regional Training program.

Class size is limited. Register Early! EMAT is a:

  • 4-Day Class
  • 75% Hands-on Training
  • Start-up Techniques
  • ADD-32™ Drive Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  • Software Block Functionality
  • ADDAPT™ Programming Software Operation - WINDOWS™ Environment
  • Training Units, Manuals, Laptops provided for use in class
  • Student to Instructor Ratio of 8:1 or less
  • Continental Breakfast and Lunch included
  • Special Hotel Rates for Attendees requiring Overnight Accommodations

All classes subject to minimum registration. Sign up today!

In-House Training

In House Training Scheduled for 2016 at our Independence, OH facility:

  • Call: (216) 642-1230 ext. 1258 for available dates

Additional Classes

202 - EMAT II (Enhanced Troubleshooting and Maintenance Techniques II)

202 - EMAT II (Enhanced Troubleshooting and Maintenance Techniques II)

This class will build confidence in your employees to enhance their performance when troubleshooting ADD-32™ DC Drives resulting in a quick return to production.

The following items will be provided to students for use in class.

  • ADD-32™ DC Drive
  • DC Motor and Encoder
  • User Inputs and Outputs
  • ADDAPT 2000™ Software
  • Laptop Computer
  • Ethernet or Serial Communications and Cables
  • Digital Volt Meter and Handtach
  • Oscilloscope
  • Clamp on Ammeter

(Limited to 6 employees per class. Multiple sessions can be purchased and scheduled to meet your needs.)

Prerequisites: Enhanced Maintenance and Troubleshooting Techniques (EMAT)

Course Outline:

  1. Proper Pre-Power up Checks
  2. Communications Set-up using ADDAPT 2000™
  3. Pre-Calibration and Configuration Set-up of Software Blocks
  4. Motor Check out
  5. CEMF and Tach Feedback check out
  6. Calibrating Field and Armature Feedback
  7. Self Tuning and Field Tuning
  8. Current Limits
  9. Field Weakening
  10. Voltage and Current Monitoring
  11. Troubleshooting

Course Length: 4 Days On-Site
CEUs: 2.8

103 - Theory and Troubleshooting Techniques for Motors, SCR, and Drives (Non-Brand Specific)

Nidec-Avtron is offering 3 new training modules. Each module is 1 day in length and covers the following non-brand specific topics. These modules will benefit your maintenance specialists' troubleshooting skills no matter what brand drives you are using.

Module 1: DC Motor Overview (1-day class)

  • Armature Circuit
    • Commutation
    • CEMF
    • IR Drop
    • Speed/Load Relationship
    • Failure Scenarios
  • Field Circuits
    • Flux Function
    • Flux Effects
    • Winding Types
    • Physical Attributes
    • Failure Scenarios
  • Motor Wiring & Troubleshooting

Module 2: SCR Troubleshooting (1-day class)

  • SCR Function & Characteristics
  • SCR Failure Scenarios
  • SCR Cold Measurements
    • V.O.M.
    • SCR Tester
  • SCR Hot Measurements
    • V.O.M.
    • Oscilloscope
  • SCR Protection Circuitry
    • Function
    • Measurements
    • Failure Scenarios
  • External Factors
    • Supply – Side
    • Load – Side

Module 3: DC Drive Systems: Troubleshooting (1-day class)

  • IOC
  • Overcurrent
  • OverTemp Drive/Motor
  • Tachloss
  • Motor/Drive Gear-in
  • Overvoltage
  • Inverting Faults
  • Armature Current Feedback
  • Field Current Feedback
  • Speed FeedBack
  • Current Limit
  • Phase Lock Loop issues
  • Phase Loss

104 – ACCel500™ AC Drive

This four-day class has been updated for 2013. It covers maintenance and troubleshooting of Avtron ACCel500™ AC Drives. This course includes training units and laptops for use in class.

Prerequisites: None

Course Outline:

  1. VFD Drive Basics
  2. Hardware
  3. Keypad Display and Operation
  4. Parameter Descriptions
  5. Troubleshooting and Maintenance
  6. ADDAPT™ ACC Software
  7. Commissioning

Course Length: 4 Days | CEUs: 2.8

105 – Tachs and Encoders

This one-day class is for anyone who owns or plans on owning Avtron Tachs. Learn how to avoid downtime and save money.

Prerequisites: None

Course Outline:

  1. Overview Tachs, Encoders, What They Are and How They Work
  2. Correct Methods of Installation and Removal
  3. Common Failures and Troubleshooting
  4. Wave Form Analysis
  5. How to Avoid Problems

Course Length: 1 Day | CEUs: 0.7

106 - Performance View™ Machine Control Diagnostics Monitor

This two-day class is designed to teach shift supervisors, maintenance personnel, and operators how to set up and use Performance View™. This graphic and tabular event data storage system can quickly find drive control, process, quality, and PLC problems.

Prerequisites: Basic WINDOWS™ knowledge | Course Length: 2 Days | CEU's 1.4

107 - Ethernet Industrial Networking

This class will define rules for configuring an Ethernet (IEEE 802.3) network, in addition to explaining the interaction of various elements in the network.

Prerequisites: None

Course Outline:

  1. Ethernet Basics
  2. Ethernet Physical System
  3. Protocols
  4. Network/Communications and Troubleshooting

Course Length: 1 Day | CEUs: 0.7

108 - ADDAPT™ Software

This two day class will provide in depth coverage of all aspects of this Avtron Drive System Interface Software package. The course will provide setup and operation information for this powerful diagnostic tool.

Prerequisites: None

Course Outline:

  1. Installation
  2. Uploading and Downloading Drive Parameters
  3. Real Time Screen Designer
  4. Signal Analyzer

Course Length: 2 Day | CEUs: 1.4

ADDvantage-32™ Sheeter Overview

What is a Rotary Knife and how does the ADDvantage-32™ drive control it? This class is designed to educate students on the intricate ADD-32™ application software specific to the Rotary Knife System.

Prerequisites: A basic knowledge of the ADDvantage-32™ drive is required.

Course Length: 1 Day | CEUs: 0.7

Digital Motor Generator (MG Sets)

What is an MG-SET and how is it controlled? This class will provide an understanding of DC motor/generator control theory and a working knowledge of the ADDvantage-32™ Digital Motor Generator software application.

Prerequisites: A basic knowledge of the ADDvantage-32™ drive is required.

Course Length: 1 Day | CEUs: 0.7

Software Block Applications

This course is designed to present the functionality of the ADDvantage-32™ DC drive. The course is intended for project engineers who plan on applying the capabilities of the ADDvantage-32™ to their particular production requirements.

Prerequisites: Enhanced Maintenance and Troubleshooting Techniques(EMAT)

Course Outline:

  1. ADDvantage-32™ Hardware Overview
  2. ADDvantage-32™ Software Overview
  3. Software Control Block Descriptions
  4. Standard Speed/Tension Applications

Course Length: 3 Day | CEUs: 2.1

Winder Applications

The material presented in this course is focused on center driven winder/unwinder applications employing the ADDvantage-32™ DC drive. Project engineers, maintenance and process personnel responsible for winder system operations are most likely to benefit from this program. Course content consists of winder application equations and instruction detailing the ADDvantage-32™ winder control loop configuration and calibration procedures.

Prerequisites: Enhanced Maintenance and Troubleshooting Techniques(EMAT)

Course Length: 1 Day | CEUs: 0.7

Basic AC Motor and Drive Theory

This seminar is designed to introduce and reinforce basic AC motor and drive theory. Course content consists of AC motor construction and drive/control loop theory.

Course Length: 1 Day | CEUs: 0.7

Basic DC Motor and Drive Theory

This seminar is designed to introduce and reinforce basic DC motor and drive theory. It is an excellent introduction to maintenance and troubleshooting. Course content consists of DC motor construction and drive and control loop theory.

Course Length: 1 Day | CEUs: 0.7

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