Portable Training Units

Portable Training Units

Why invest in a PTU?


  • Fully Functional ADD-32™ Drive Can Be Used as a "Hot Spare"
  • Dual Role: Spare Parts and Training Tool
  • Train Without Production Interference
  • Facilitates Hands-on Training When Needed

Typical configurations include table top models and larger units that include a DC motor.

These training devices contain fully functional ADDvantage-32™ (ADD-32)™ products. This allows you to shift the cost of idle spare parts to a PTU - making it almost FREE. With this approach, you can train your people while retaining your readiness to install "hot spares" in the event of an emergency. ACCel 500 AC Training Units are also available with external motor and tach as an option.

PTUs are available in many configurations, so contact your Nidec-Avtron Sales Representative or Training Department for selecting the right PTU for your needs.

ADDvantage-32™ and ADD-32™ are trademarks of Nidec Avtron Automation Corporation

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