Having Trouble Getting an Encoder?

Nidec Industrial Solutions wants to help!  Everyone’s suffering from supply chain problems, but we’ve found great ways to serve our customers with Avtron Encoders. 

Our Same-Day and 24-Hour Rush Programs allow you to replace encoders right away with a model that is electrically compatible.

Click Here to send us an email with the encoder part number you are trying to replace.  Pictures are always helpful too! Or call our Encoder Helpdesk (216-642-1230 x3) right now with your item. We will find a replacement that we can build and ship as soon as possible!

Avtron Encoders has a New Catalog!

Click here to download it and see everything that’s new.
- Improved and easy-to-read selection guides
- Includes our entire lineup of XR & XP models
- In-depth 2 page sections for every encoder unit
- Includes the HS44 and the AV44 encoders


The Ideal Wind Generator Encoder! Introducing our new Avtron Encoder HS44

- Drop-in compatibility
- Durability
- Value

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We don’t set the world on fire with our encoders…

And that's a good thing!

To learn more about wind turbine encoder applications, download our white paper here

The World’s Most Reliable Encoders!

Nidec Avtron Automation manufactures Avtron encoders in a wide range of markets including optical, magnetic, absolute, incremental and hazardous duty. To learn more about Nidec’s acquisition of Avtron Industrial Automation, click here.