Avtron Encoders has a New Catalog!

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- Improved and easy-to-read selection guides
- Includes our entire lineup of XR & XP models
- In-depth 2 page sections for every encoder unit
- Includes the HS44 and the AV44 encoders

Critical Industry

Nidec Industrial Solutions is an essential part of the critical manufacturing sector as outlined in guidelines issued by the Department of Homeland Security. While NIS is monitoring the Covid-19 situation very carefully, we will do our best to keep our customers in the critical infrastructure industries up and running by remaining in operation.

The safety and well-being of our workers and the public is a top priority. In addition to following social distancing practices, continuous cleaning and other mitigation measures defined by the CDC, we are limiting the number of workers within our facilities where possible.

NIS is accepting and fulfilling all customer orders for Avtron Encoders, including rush orders with same-day and next-day shipments to keep Infrastructure Critical Industries operating!


The Ideal Wind Generator Encoder! Introducing our new Avtron Encoder HS44

- Drop-in compatibility
- Durability
- Value

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We don’t set the world on fire with our encoders…

And that's a good thing!

To learn more about wind turbine encoder applications, download our white paper here

The World’s Most Reliable Encoders!

Nidec Avtron Automation manufactures Avtron encoders in a wide range of markets including optical, magnetic, absolute, incremental and hazardous duty. To learn more about Nidec’s acquisition of Avtron Industrial Automation, click here.