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Hazardous Env. Severe Duty Heavy Duty Mill Duty Light Mill Duty
Location M6 AV5 AV45 HS35M AV20
XR5 AV12 AV56 M3 AV25
Max Temperature XR12 AV485 AV67 HS25A
XR4F AV685 AV85 HS35A
Min Temperature XR45 M7 AV115
XR47 AV125
Moisture XR56 AV850
XR67 HS45
Oil XR85 M4
XR115 M185
Dirt and Dust XR125
` Atmosphere XR685
Service Duty
Mounting Available
Shaft Size
RPM (maximum)
Pulses/Rev (PPR)
# Isolated Outputs <-----Heavier Duty Encoders Lighter Duty Encoders----->
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