Avtron AV45 EuroSMART™ Encoders

Avtron AV45 EuroSMART™ Encoders

Incredible Durability and Compatibility!

  • Fits European B10 Standard Flange
  • Replaces Competitive Models Without Rewiring or Mechanical Changes
  • Universal 5-24V Operation
  • Protected from Wiring Errors
  • LED & Remote Alarm Diagnostics
  • Mechanical Overspeed Switch Option
  • -40°C to +100°C Operation
  • 3 Year No-Hassle Warranty
Outline Drawing

AV45 EU-SMART™ heavy mill duty solid shaft magnetic incremental quadrature rotary encoders fit European B10 (85mm) flanges with 100mm bolt circles, and offer 10 or 11mm shaft sizes. AV45 also offers foot mounting, with bolt patterns to match Hubner POG/OG styles, PGH4 styles, and Toshiba foot-mounted resolvers.  Also available: AV115 modular magnetic to fit flanges using a no-bearing design & HS45 EU-SMART™ hollow shaft models.

EU-SMART™ encoders feature durable construction, simple installation, and clear diagnostics to eliminate encoder-related downtime:

AV45 built-in magnetic sensors are fully potted to withstand dirt and liquids and extreme temperature changes. No glass disks, no optics to clog. Bigger bearings and superior seals far outlast any comparable model.

The AV45 enables you to change the electrical connector in the field or at your Avtron distributor for maximum flexibility and the shortest delivery times! The universal 5-24V design drives longer cables and is protected against wiring errors and surges.

When you power up an AV45, the green light tells you the digital self-tuning has set your encoder for optimal signal output.

If at any time, the AV45 cannot produce ideal incremental quadrature signals, the light changes to red, and the remote alarm contact activates. However, the encoder keeps working to give you time to schedule service.

The AV45 easily replaces competitive models, and the incredible durability ensures it is the last replacement encoder you will ever need!

Operating Power: Volts: 5-24VDC, 100mA, no load
Output Format: A Quad B with marker (A,/A, B,/B, Z,/Z) Second Isolated Output: Optional
Frequency Range: 0 to 165 KHz
Maximum Instantaneous Current Output: 3000mA
PPR: 8-5000
Speed: 5000 RPM Max. std., for higher speeds, consult factory
Enclosure: IP65
Electronics: Fully Encapsulated, IP67**
Temperature: -40° to +100°C
Vibration: 18Gs
Shock: 100Gs
Chemical: Polyurethane enamel paint protects against salt spray, mild acids, and bases.

**Connector option "W", connector options may reduce IP rating.
All dimensions are in inches [millimeters].
Specifications and features are subject to change without notice.
EU-SMART™ is a trademark of Nidec Avtron Automation Corporation.

  • Replaces Leine & Linde 1000; Hubner OGx & POGx models, many others
  • Complete online cross reference guide available
  • Shrugs off dirt, oil, and water contamination
  • Highly resistant to electrical and magnetic motor and brake noise
  • Corrosion-resistant coating on all metal surfaces
Industry General Food & Beverage Pulp & Paper Wood Products Wind Power Crane & Hoist Metals Mining Marine Oil & Gas

Light Mill Duty

AV20, AV25, AV6A, AV6M, Avtron Elevator Encoder, Cables and Connectors, Encoder Couplings, Encoder Programming Tool, HS25A, HS35A, HS6A, K661, SC65

Mill Duty

AV32, Cables and Connectors, Encoder Couplings, HS35M, HS35X, HS6M, K661, M185, M3, M3(small), RAHS35M

Heavy Mill Duty

AV115, AV125, AV44, AV45, AV56, AV56-Wind, AV56S, AV67, AV85, AV850, AVSK, Cables and Connectors, Carlen Replacement, HS44, HS45, K661, M4, M4(small), XP5, XR115, XR12, XR125, XR45, XR4F, XR5, XR56, XR67, XR85, XR850, XR97, XRB1, XRB2, XRB3

Severe Mill Duty

AV12, AV30, AV485, AV5, AV685, Cables and Connectors, Carlen Replacement, Encoder Couplings, HS40, K661, M484, M6, M6C, M7, XP5, XPH1, XPH8, XR12, XR485, XR5, XR685, XR97, XRB1, XRB2, XRB3,
Avtron's AV45 encoders directly replace a broad range of encoders, including, but not limited to:

Leine and Linde:
ESI1503, ESI1504

Baumer Hubner:
OG8, OG9, OG90, FOG9, POG9,POG9G, POG9.2, POG90, POG10, POG11, POG11G
including overspeed switch options:

Baumer Thallheim:  
ITD 4 B10
ITD 4 B10 Y 1
ITD 4 B10 Y 4
ITD 4 B10 Y 5
ITD 40 B10 Y 1
ITD 40 B10 Y 4
ITD 40 B10 Y 5
ITD 40 B10 Y18
ITD 41 B10
ITD 41 B10 Y 1
ITD 41 B10 Y 4
ITD 41 B10 Y 5

Johannes Hubner Giessen:
FG4, FG4 K, FG4 KK, FG40, FG40 K, FG40 AK, FG40 KK
including overspeed switch options:

And many other B10 Euroflange encoder models.
For direct model replacements, try our cross reference page
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In This Section

  • A Quad B

    A Quad B refers to the set of output quadrature signals from an incremental quadrature encoder to indicate speed and direction, including complements: A, A NOT, B, B NOT (, , , ). Most Avtron encoders offer A Quad B output at no extra cost.  For more information on quadrature- Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quadrature_phase

  • B10 Flange

    A flange used on European IEC frame motors to mount encoders (analogous to the NEMA 56C flange).  6 holes are located on a 100mm bolt circle, surrounding an 85mm flange.  Avtron offers both the AV44 and AV45 heavy duty encoders which directly fit the B10 flange, as well as the AV115 bearingless encoder which can be adapted to the B10 flange.

  • Coupled/Coupling

    Refers to a flexible device that is used to link a solid shaft encoder to the shaft to be monitored. Avtron strongly recommends isolated, flexible disk style couplings in heavy duty applications to maximize encoder bearing life. For light mill duty applications, flexible helical couplings are a great option. If there's a large amount axial shaft movement or misalignment, shift to magnetic couplings.

  • Encoder

    A device which indicates position and speed via a set of digital outputs. Incremental encoders output quadrature (A Quad B) signals, and may add a marker pulse once per revolution.  Absolute encoders typically indicate position via a digital message, a set of parallel outputs, or analog values.

  • Face or Flange Mount

    A machined surface (NEMA 56C, NEMA FC) on the non-drive end of the motor is used to mount bearingless or pancake encoders such as Avtron AV56 THIN-LINE II™ encoders. Solid shaft, coupled tachometers also flange mounted using flange adapters, also called flowerpots.

  • Flange Adapter

    A Flange Adapter provides the NEMA 56C motor mounting face and properly locates the encoder shaft. The encoder shaft and motor shaft are then connected using a flexible coupling. (Drawing "A") Often flange adapters can be eliminated by directly mounting a modular encoder such as an Avtron AV125, AV850, AV56, AV67, AV85, AV115 unit on the motor flange. (Drawing "B")

  • Heavy Mill Duty

    Heavy Mill Duty encoders are designed to withstand temperature cycling, extreme temperatures, contaminants, bearing loads, and physical force.

  • Incremental Encoder

    An encoder that produces pulses in proportion to distance moved or rotated. Incremental encoders can also have a marker pulse Z, Z NOT (, ) once per revolution to provide a position reference. Avtron produces a full range of incremental rotary encoders.

  • Magnetic Encoder

    Magnetic and magnetoresistive encoders typically use a magnetized rotor with north and south poles lined up around the perimeter of the disk. A magnetoresistive sensor detects the transitions, and these are the counts or pulses generated by the encoder. Magnetic encoders withstand dirt, dust, water, and temperature changes far better than optical encoders.

  • Magnetoresistive Sensor

    A sensor that detects the magnetic poles on an encoder's magnetic rotor and transforms them into pulses. Avtron magnetoresistive (MR) sensors use advanced technology to reject external magnetic signals such as brake solenoids and motor magnetic fields. MR sensors enable Avtron magnetic encoders to ignore dirt, oil, water, and other contaminants.

  • Marker Pulse

    The Marker Pulse occurs once per revolution. The purpose of the marker pulse is to provide a repeatable home position location for positioning applications. The marker pulse is often abbreviated as "ØZ" or "Z" in the USA and "C" or "N" in Europe.

  • MR

    Magnetoresistive (MR) sensors are used in Avtron encoders to provide high accuracy and superior reliability versus optical sensing systems.  For more information on magnetoresistivity:  Wiki:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnetoresistive

  • PPR

    Pulses Per Revolution. Most Avtron encoders output quadrature pulses, with four times as many lines as pulses. Often lines can be counted in the drive/speed controller for higher resolution applications.

  • Pulses

    Pulses are also known as counts and are the low voltage output transitions which indicate movement of the encoder. Encoders are rated by resolution or PPR (pulses per revolution). Pulses are not the same as lines.

  • Resolution

    Resolution describes how many individual slices or positions can be reported by an incremental or absolute encoder.  For incremental encoders the number of PPR (pulses per revolution) expresses resolution; for absolute encoders, PPR, or counts per turn or bits of resolution may be listed.

  • Solid Shaft

    Solid Shaft encoders are coupled to the shaft to be measured. The solid shaft encoder body is typically C-Face mounted using a flange adapter, or some models can be foot mounted.

  • Wide-Gap Technology

    Avtron encoders use special optical sensors and magnetoresistive sensors, combined with proprietary circuit designs to allow the sensor to be located much farther from the magnetic rotor or optical disk. This eliminates sensor crashes and makes mounting easy and forgiving of mechanical variation.

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