Avtron Elevator Encoder*

Avtron Elevator Encoder*

Strong & Reliable

  • Industry Standard 58mm Size
  • -40°C to +120°C Operation
  • Fits Elevator PM Motors
  • Fully Sealed Electronics
  • Zignear Patented Magnetic Engine
  • Provides Ultra-Smooth Motor Control
  • 3 Year No-Hassle Warranty
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Avtron elevator encoders are an amazing combination: First, we've adopted the industry-standard form factor to ensure our encoders fit all permanent magnet elevator motors. Then we've fit our patented heavy duty Zignear™ magnetic engine technology inside for maximum durability, toughness and accuracy.

Avtron encoders have been rigorously tested to be compatible with all brands of elevator controllers and drives worldwide.  Our ultra-accurate signals ensure your drive and controller accurately control the motor smoothly, at any speed.  Avtron elevator encoders' magnetic Zignear™ engine ignores temperature cycles and is sealed against humidity changes that are common in both elevator machine rooms and in MRL installations.  

Many competitive optical encoder designs risk sensor damage from any vibration or shock. Most designs even use thin glass disks! 
Eliminate the delicate optics and calibration that cause so many problems for elevator encoders!  

We've even improved on the industry-standard "expanding flange" mount.  Our mount fits the motor mounting tube/recess perfectly, but doesn't catch or drag, so it's easy to remove and reinstall the encoder at any time.

Some low-cost elevator encoders have problems with longer cables, with certain drives, or with temperature or humidity.  Replacing a faulty encoder in an MRL installation can cost thousands of dollars!...The Avtron Elevator encoder is cost-effective, AND it ensures 100% compatibility. Pick an Avtron Elevator Encoder today!

*This product is currently in development. All information and specifications are subject to change.
Operating Power: 5 VDC
Current: 120mA maximum
Output Format: Sine-Cosine AB, CD, R with complements
Output Cycles:  2048 sine/cosine cycles per rev
Speed:  400 RPM maximum
Temperature: -40° to 120°C
Environment: IP40
Vibration: 55-2000Hz: 300 m/s^2 (EN 60068-2-6)
Shock: 6mSec: 2000 m/s^2 (EN 60068-2-27)
Weight: 0.55lb [250g]
CE Pending: EMI/EFI EN61000-6-4; 61000-3-2; 61000-3-3, 61000
  • Works with Long and Short Cables
  • Tested for Drive and Motor Compatibility
  • Easier Installation and Removal
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Light Mill Duty

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Mill Duty

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Heavy Mill Duty

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Severe Mill Duty

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