KAL Sine-Cosine Encoder Components

KAL Sine-Cosine Encoder Components

Obsolete-No Longer Available

KAL sine-cosine magnetic encoder components are no longer available.  KXL digital magnetic encoder components are available and may offer an alternative solution.
Resolution: 16-256 CPR (Sine-Cosine Cycles)
Outputs: S+, S-, C+, C- (Differential Sine-Cosine)
Maximum Speed Up to 100,000 RPM
Channel Frequency 500 kHz maximum
Airgap: 0.012" [0.3mm]
Angular Error: <4 arc minutes
Hysterisis: 1 edge
Operating Temperature –40 to 115 °C
Supply Voltage 5.0 ±0.25 Vdc
Supply Current 20 mA typical
Industry General Food & Beverage Pulp & Paper Wood Products Wind Power Crane & Hoist Metals Mining Marine Oil & Gas

Light Mill Duty

AV20, AV25, AV6A, AV6M, Avtron Elevator Encoder, Cables and Connectors, Encoder Couplings, Encoder Programming Tool, HS25A, HS35A, HS6A, K661, SC65

Mill Duty

AV32, Cables and Connectors, Encoder Couplings, HS35M, HS35X, HS6M, K661, M185, M3, M3(small), RAHS35M

Heavy Mill Duty

AV115, AV125, AV44, AV45, AV56, AV56-Wind, AV56S, AV67, AV85, AV850, AVSK, Cables and Connectors, Carlen Replacement, HS44, HS45, K661, M4, M4(small), XP5, XR115, XR12, XR125, XR45, XR4F, XR5, XR56, XR67, XR85, XR850, XR97, XRB1, XRB2, XRB3

Severe Mill Duty

AV12, AV30, AV485, AV5, AV685, Cables and Connectors, Carlen Replacement, Encoder Couplings, HS40, K661, M484, M6, M6C, M7, XP5, XPH1, XPH8, XR12, XR485, XR5, XR685, XR97, XRB1, XRB2, XRB3,

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