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From wet end to final finishing and converting, Nidec provides a broad range of high-performance, high durability Avtron Encoders to solve key problems:

ProblemAvtron Encoders SolutionsFeatured Models
Caustic ChemicalsPolyurethane Epoxy Coating
Fully Potted Electronics
Water SpraysNo Bearing Modular ModelsAV850
High TemperaturesHigh-Temperature ElectronicsHS45
Drive TripsOnboard Digital Self-Tuning & DiagnosticsHS44, AV44
Application/Functional Safety
SIL2/Pld Ratings for No-Bearing
SV850, SV5
Replace Light-Duty
OEM-Installed Models
Magnetic Sensors
Drop-In Replacement
HS45, HS44

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