Avtron Announces the AV45 EuroSMART™


Heavy Duty Solid Shaft Encoder

Avtron is pleased to announce the release of the AV45 EuroSMART™ encoder model.  The AV45 offers standard shafts of 10, 11, and 16mm as well as a European-standard 85mm mounting flange with 100mm bolt circle.  This system includes up to 3 different foot mounting brackets for easy drop-in replacement of competitive models.  Just like the HS45, the AV45 magnetic sensor technology ignores dust, dirt and water, and all electronics are potted in a brick for impact protection.  The electronics are fully protected against short circuits, reverse voltage, and overvoltage up to 33 volts!  Onboard local and remote predictive diagnostics are standard.  The connector system is interchangeable with both North American and European models, and can be swapped at local distributors or at a work site for easy replacement of existing models.  The AV45 replaces many European models like Hubner™ OG8, OG9, POG8 thru POG10 while offering dramatic improvements in durability. To select and price an AV45 or learn more, visit the AV45 model page.

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