Request Equipment Evaluation

You want maximum output from your machines; you don't want encoder failures to cause downtime. Most industrial locations have a mix-and-match grab bag of encoders mounted on machines. Some may be Original Equipment (OEM), others may have been replaced over the years.

Nidec Avtron Automation offers no-cost equipment assessments, from a single machine to a complete site survey.

Here's what you get at the conclusion of the evaluation/survey:

  • A complete list of all encoders including application information
  • An assessment of spares—do you have spare parts on hand for each?
  • Problem analysis—got a nagging encoder problem? Solved!
  • Recommendations for improvements—from mechanical adjustments to upgrades, our trained engineers can spot potential encoder problems before they happen and recommend cost-effective changes to keep you running.

Contact the Encoder Help Desk for your no-cost Equipment Evaluation today!