Contact our Customer Help Desk for more detailed information, application assistance, request for quotes, or anything else related to pulse generators/encoders. Responses are made during normal business hours, generally within an hour of receipt. Call (216) 642-1230 and ask for the help desk or E-Mail Help Desk.

The Nidec-Avtron Encoder Service Team can assist you with any issue involving our encoder product line. Whether it's service from our Help Desk, our 24 hour service line, or on-site assistance from one of our experienced field service engineers, we are committed to help make your system perform.

Areas of assistance include:

  1. Application Engineering
  2. New Motor Applications
  3. Old Motor Upgrades
  4. Adapter Plates
  5. Stub Shafts
  6. Wiring
  7. Troubleshooting
  8. Installation
  9. Environmental Issues
  10. Repairs

Types of Services Provided:

  1. FREE* Complete Machine Surveys
  2. Retrofits on existing equipment
  3. Machine Upgrades
  4. New Applications
  5. Recommendations for Mill Duty, Heavy Mill Duty, and Severe Duty Encoders

*Services provided are subject to order details and Nidec-Avtron availability. Services provided in U.S. and Canada only

On-site Installations

  1. Extend your warranty with professional on-site installation
  2. On-site testing to ensure proper installation and operation
  3. Training of OEM and Mill personnel on installation, operation and replacement
  4. Documentation on pulse generators, installation manuals, and machine cross reference charts
  5. Call Nidec-Avtron for a site specific quote

On-Site Start-Ups

  1. Ensure proper installation and operation
  2. On-hand spares (during start-up)
  3. 1 year follow-up and equipment evaluation
  4. 24 Hour Support for/during start-up
  5. Call Nidec-Avtron for a site specific quote