Avtron SV5 SAFETach™ Sensor

Avtron SV5 SAFETach™ Sensor

Avtron SV5 SAFETach™ Functional Safety Sensor Module for SV850

  • Meets IEC 61508 SIL 2 at HFT 0
  • Wide-Gap Technology Eliminates Gapping and Shimming
  • Mounts in the SV850 Encoder
  • Installation in Minutes!
  • No Optics
  • Self-Diagnostic LED & Alarm Output
  • Fully Potted Electronics
  • 3 Year No-Hassle Warranty
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The Avtron SV5 SAFETach™ sensor is the first safety rated magnetoresistive sensor for SIL 2 applications. Often, optical encoders fail because of dust or water contamination that prevents the sensor from seeing the optical disk. The SV5 advanced magnetic technology sees through contamination and the fully sealed circuit design ensures your machine keeps working, even in mill environments. The SV5 offers magnetic performance and moisture resistance!

Avtron SV5 SAFETach III™ sensors are magnetoresistive, safety rated incremental quadrature sensors for the SV850 rotary encoder. The SV5 is also usable in applications where an encoder housing is not needed – simply mount the SV5 with your bracket, and use an SV850 rotor. All SV5 electronics are fully encapsulated. There are no moving wearing parts.

Miswiring an encoder is common– and it shouldn’t cost you time or money. Wiring errors and short circuits that cause an over-temp situation will be detected and indicated by changing the LED to orange. The SV5 has full output short circuit and reverse voltage protection, plus surge protection. SV5 SAFETach III sensors digitally self-tune the outputs to eliminate drive trips caused by poor encoder signals. The universal 5-24V design drives longer cables and is protected against wiring errors and surges.

Adaptive Electronics: At power-up you know you installed it right! The green LED tells you your SV5 Sensor is aligned with the rotor and reading signal.  If at any time, the SV5 cannot produce consistent signals, the LED changes to red and the optional remote alarm contact activates. However, the encoder keeps working to give you time to schedule service. 

What good is a competitors "safety" encoder if it's optical and fails? Pick the SV5 sensor for safety and reliability!
Operating Power: 5-24V
Current: 100mA
Output Format: A Quad B with marker (A,/A, B,/B, Z,/Z) 
Maximum Cable Length: 1000' @ 5V, 500' @ 12V, 200' @ 24V
PPR: 4 - 50000***
Speed: 6000 RPM Max****
Temperature: -40° to 100°C (rotor -40° to 150°C peak)
Electronics: Fully Encapsulated, IP67**
Vibration: 18G
Shock: 1 meter drop test
Weight: 9lbs. [4kg]; 11lbs. [5kg] dual
Safety Level: Evaluated for IEC 61508 SIL 2 metrics at HFT 0

** Certain connector options may reduce IP rating.
***(PPR) Standard maximum PPR is 5000. Consult Factory with your application for PPRs up to 50,000.
****(Speed) Maximum RPM may be limited for PPR > 2,500. Consult Factory with your application
  • Direct Machine-Mount Option
  • High Resolution up to 5000 PPR
  • Full protection against short circuits, reverse voltage, phase-to-phase shorts
  • Sensor PPR can be factory reprogrammed
Industry General Food & Beverage Pulp & Paper Wood Products Wind Power Crane & Hoist Metals Mining Marine Oil & Gas

Light Mill Duty

AV20, AV25, AV32, AV4, AV4/HS4 Configuration Tool, AV6A, AV6M, HS25A, HS35A, HS4, HS6A, K661, Rush AV4, SC65

Mill Duty

AV32, HS35M, HS6M, K661, M185, M3, M3(small), RAHS35M

Heavy Mill Duty

AV115, AV125, AV44, AV45, AV56, AV56S, AV67, AV85, AV850, AVSK, Carlen Replacement, HS44, HS45, K661, M4, M4(small), XP5, XR115, XR12, XR125, XR45, XR4F, XR5, XR56, XR67, XR85, XR850, XR97, XRB1, XRB2, XRB3

Severe Mill Duty

AV12, AV30, AV485, AV5, AV685, Carlen Replacement, HS40, K661, M484, M6, M6C, M7, XP5, XPH1, XPH8, XR12, XR485, XR5, XR685, XR97, XRB1, XRB2, XRB3,

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In This Section

  • A Quad B

    A Quad B refers to the set of output quadrature signals from an incremental quadrature encoder to indicate speed and direction, including complements: A, A NOT, B, B NOT (, , , ). Most Avtron encoders offer A Quad B output at no extra cost.  For more information on quadrature- Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quadrature_phase

  • Bearingless

    These encoders use the bearings of the motor or machine, eliminating a huge source of failure in encoders.  Also known as modular and sandwich encoders.

  • Encoder

    A device which indicates position and speed via a set of digital outputs. Incremental encoders output quadrature (A Quad B) signals, and may add a marker pulse once per revolution.  Absolute encoders typically indicate position via a digital message, a set of parallel outputs, or analog values.

  • Functional Safety

    Functional safety is the part of the overall safety of a system or piece of equipment that depends on automatic protection operating correctly in response to its inputs or failure in a predictable manner (fail-safe). The Avtron SV850 Encoder features SIL 2 rating and a no-bearing design.

    Avtron SV850 Encoders are suitable for:

    SAR – Safe Acceleration Range,
    SBC – Safe Brake Control
    SDI – Safe Direction Indication
    SLA – Safe Limited Acceleration
    SLI – Safe Limited Increment
    SLS – Safe Limited Speed
    SOS – Safe Operating Stop
    SSM – Safe Speed Monitor
    SSR – Safe Speed Range
    SS1 – Safe Stop 1
    SS2 – Safe Stop 2
    STO – Safe Torque Off

  • Incremental Encoder

    An encoder that produces pulses in proportion to distance moved or rotated. Incremental encoders can also have a marker pulse Z, Z NOT (, ) once per revolution to provide a position reference. Avtron produces a full range of incremental rotary encoders.

  • Industrial EPIC

    The preferred encoder connector of most users in North America. It contains a full size terminal strip and, unlike the MS connector, requires no soldering for quick field connections. Avtron offers pin-for-pin exact replacements for competitors’ models using industrial EPIC® style connectors. EPIC® is a registered trademark of the Lapp Group.

  • Magnetoresistive Sensor

    A sensor that detects the magnetic poles on an encoder's magnetic rotor and transforms them into pulses. Avtron magnetoresistive (MR) sensors use advanced technology to reject external magnetic signals such as brake solenoids and motor magnetic fields. MR sensors enable Avtron magnetic encoders to ignore dirt, oil, water, and other contaminants.

  • Modular Encoders

    Modular Encoders mount to a machined C-face or flange adapter on the motor (drive or non-drive end). Modular encoders consist of a rotor that mounts on the shaft, and a stator that bolts to the motor frame. Modular encoders are very rugged, and Avtron encoders feature Wide-Gap sensors to avoid complex shimming or fitting to the motor. Modular C-face encoders are typically used on DC motors; but some AC motors, such as Rockwell’s RPM III AC and Marathon’s Blue and Black Max motors, have C-faces standard on the non-drive end for mounting an encoder.

  • Sensor Crash

    When the rotating disk in an encoder contacts the sensor (optical or magnetic/magnetoresistive), it damages or destroys the sensor. Sensor crashes can be caused by excessive vibration, shaft runout, or alignment problems in encoder mounting. Avtron encoders feature Wide-Gap technology to eliminate sensor crashes.

  • UL Recognized

    UL Recognized Avtron encoders are usable for OEM applications requiring UL Class I, Division 2.  The OEM must select the model which meets the application requirements, and ensure that the system as a whole meets the application and safety requirements.  Note that UL Recognition is a different system than UL Listing, ATEX or IECEx.  Most Avtron XR encoder models are available in both UL Recognized and UL Listed versions.  UL Recognized XR encoders offer a broader range of connector options than UL Listed XR encoders.

  • Wide-Gap Technology

    Avtron encoders use special optical sensors and magnetoresistive sensors, combined with proprietary circuit designs to allow the sensor to be located much farther from the magnetic rotor or optical disk. This eliminates sensor crashes and makes mounting easy and forgiving of mechanical variation.

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